Various: Floating Fire [ARF001]

Various: Floating Fire [AFR001]

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„Floating Fire“, fließendes Feuer. Mit dieser Compilation wollen wir unseren „Sound“ „definieren“, Melancholie und Bombast gehen Hand in Hand. Mit exklusiven und neuen Tracks von Crepusculum, Derrick Hart, Chaz Knapp und Ben Woods.


With this compilation, we want to „define“ our „sound“. Melancholy and bombast go hand in hand. With new and exclusive tracks by Crepusculum, Derrick Hart, Chaz Knapp and Ben Woods.


Download! (whole release)


1. Bo Moonlight: Rainballs

2. The Walt: Happily Ever After

3. Derrick Hart: Anywhere, USA

4. Bosques de mi mente: Suite For Toy Instruments nº 3, in D maj

5. Bo Moonlight: Blue Waltz

6. Crepusculum: Consolations

7. Clement: Triangle (Snippet)

8. Blood Ruby: Shan Shui

9. Este Silêncio: Ouroboros

10. Ben Woods: This Ship Will Never Sail

11. Matthew Solberg: Liquid Blanket

12. Folder (PL): Thousand Places

13. Chaz Knapp: To Begin In A Dim Light

14. Toma: Fallback Lighthorsemen

15. Jay Bennett: Hank



Bo Moonlight: Contemporary Classic from Russia, very similar to Yann Tiersen and Philipp Glass. (Both tracks taken from „Blue“)

The Walt: Kind of a mixture between Indie, Postpunk and Postrock. From the Netherlands. (Track taken from „Something we did not have“)

Derrick Hart: Country and Folk Songwriter from Washington, Illinois. Maybe you know him. For us he’s kind of a Bob Dylan of the netlabel scene, because his music is „classic“ somehow.  (Exclusive Track)

Bosques de mi mente: Also someone you probably know from clinical archives or jamendo.  Influences of Post-Rock, Classic and Minimal Music, combined to an outstanding kind of music, performed on piano and guitar. (Track from another compilation)

Crepusculum: Hey, you know him. And if not, it’s time to get to know him! A netlabel classic, unique songwriting and a relaxing athmosphere, there is nothing you can compare to Fred Baty’s instrumental guitar music. Proud to have a track of him here! (Exclusive Track, maybe on his following album)

Clement: Songwriter from Texas, makes beautiful little Folksongs, we really like them! Is a label out there to sign him? (Exclusive Track)

Blood Ruby: Shoegaze and Psychedelic Pop from New Haven, Connecticut. Sounds bjorkish sometimes, very beautiful, check out their EP’s on jamendo. (Track from „Recent Songs“)

Este Silêncio: An artist from Brazil: Post Rock and Classic and a weird sound. Emotional and disturbing somehow. His LP’s are available on sinewave netlabel. (Track from „Ouroboros“)

Ben Woods: Piano Ambient, or also Post Rock, as you like it. One of our absolute favourites in the whole netlabel scene. His EP „Liaisie in Silence“ on Wise Owl Records is just perfect! We are proud to present an exclusive piece of his piano music. (Exclusive Track)

Matthew Solberg: Songwriter from Nashville who can play guitar like a master. Makes something that sounds like Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes and old folk records. Handmade, we like it! (Track from „I Am A Fool“)

Folder (PL): Indie-Band from Poland, normally with vocals, many hints of Post-Rock in their music! The „Inside“ EP is great! (Track from „Inside“)

Chaz Knapp: Contemporary Classic from Longmont, Colorado. Planing much for this year, you can compare his music to Ben Woods or Olafur Arnalds, but he is somehow more classic and more introverted sometimes. His EP „Vie Comme un Parasite Faisant la Fete“ is available via Phantom Channel. It’s worth to listen very closely! (Exclusive Track)

Toma: Epic and outstanding Post Rock.If you like Sigur Ros, Mogwai or Godspeed! You Black Emperor, you will also love his albums, especially „As we fall into static our hearts sing“. You can download his work for free via Wise Owl Records and buy a physical release of his latest album remastered on IFF Transponder Records.  (Track from „As we fall into static our hearts sing“, remastered version)

Jay Bennett: He played guitar with the well-known american folk band Wilco and died in May 2009. In remembrance of this great artist, Rock Proper Netlabel from Chicago released his last album for free. Country and Songwriter stuff, that truly should be heard also by people who don’t know Wilco. (Track taken from this album)




Netlabel presenting Post Rock, Folk, Contemporary Classic, and other melodic stuff


~ von Nils - 2009/08/11.

2 Antworten to “Various: Floating Fire [ARF001]”

  1. Just downloaded. Thanks for the music.
    But: spent 5 minutes fixing ID3-tags, coverart etc. Just wanted to let you know…
    Listening to first track right now. Really beautiful, excited to here more…

    • hm, yes, that’s our fault because we weren’t able to use at this time. when you upload music the first time there, it’s kind of a procedure. but we hope it’s okay anyway.

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