Old Worlds: Demo EP [AFR003]

demo cover

First let’s see what the band is saying about themselves:

Three guys from central Ohio.

Aaron Sturgill is a classically-trained violinist, with an affinity for fog, moors, and British composers. Maybe it’s the Nordic heritage.

Brian Maxwell is a self taught musician specializing in bass guitar.  He spends his days in the laboratory working as a mad scientist with his on stage persona hidden behind latex gloves and a lab coat.

Mike Poston has been playing drums in various Columbus bands for eleven years. He clearly forms the emotional center of the band, despite his stoic demeanor.

Our goal is to compose what is interesting to play and hear. We want to tell you a story… or, give you something to accompany your life.

May we never think ourselves better than we are… Deserving of more than we have been given… Taller than the giants who walked before us, might men of old.

And now, what we think:

Just great. For example: We never heard a more relaxing and melancholic guitar intro in Postrock like the one in „Voices from a Fairytale“. You can feel yourself sitting on a park bench in foggy autumn evenings, and you thinking of what would be, if the sun came through. Dig it!


Ein einfach nur großartig talentiertes Postrock-Trio aus den Vereinigten Staaten! Wir haben noch nie ein so entspannendes und melancholisches Postrock-Intro gehört wie das in „Voices from a Fairytale“. Ein Gefühl wie an einem nebligen Herbstnachmittag auf einer Parkbank zu sitzen und daran zu denken, wie es jetzt wäre, wenn die Sonne nur einmal durchkommt. Schnapps dir!

Download (whole release)


1. Snark is Getting Us Nowhere

2. Voices from a Fairytale

3. The Christmas Song

4. The Advocate


Artist: myspace: http://www.myspace.com/oldworlds


~ von Nils - 2009/09/18.

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