Trees Hate Everything

„Trees Hate Everything is beautifully careless.“ -Derrick Hart

„The best thing since sliced bread.“ -Mike Burriesci

„Trees Hate Everything has a realness which makes the music so appealing. The amazing lyrics are easy to identify with and that girl’s voice is awesome. Its hard to dislike such musical truth.
Lots of people compare music to drugs. The feeling, the high they get. Well, yeah, I guess you could say music has that effect on some people but not Trees Hate Everything. The stuff is too good. There’s no crash. Nobody wants to come down, sober up, crash, whatever; but they expect it. I’ve never come to expect such a thing from Trees Hate Everything. Even the new things and the different approach to music that might sometimes pop up isn’t disappointing. This music isn’t puddle deep. The point is, anyone can sell crack, not anyone can make music. Especially music like T.H.E., lo-fi, experimental, magnificently versatile.“
-The Weekly Robot.

Trees Hate Everything was born in 2007 on a gloomy, fall day. Josie was sitting in a dimly lit room with a pen and paper, and some watercolors. She stared out the window in discontent and realized that the last of leaves had fallen from the trees surrounding her field. With a deep sigh she focused on her drawing and in a fatal attempt to express her own feelings, scribbled the words “Trees Hate Everything.”
The name really was the first thing to come. With that she picked up her steel string guitar and wrote the first song, which she later titled “First Song.” (her originality is soley expressed in her music.)

As far as influences go, they don’t.
The nonchalant expression of feelings in her lyrics comes from every frustration she faces. (Including that of the decline in creative lyrics and orignal sound.) So you can clearly see why any listing of influences would make the soul of her music an utter hypocracy.
But if she were to be listed with similar sounding artists, and not so much artists that influenced her sound – that might be acceptable.
The fact is, when Josie started writing music she didn’t really know much about music. She has a personal preference just like everyone else, but she was not well versed according to current standards. The sound and words alike, arose from the frustration of the low-quality music she was
exposed to.


~ von Nils - 2010/01/04.

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